Swamp Romp 5:08

Swamp Romp 5:08

We’ve decided that we’re ready to add on to the site. Me and Austin want to add a forum so we can talk to you good folks, strike conversation, have some fun, all that jazz. However we’re not going to leap blindly into this, certain requirements need to be fulfilled before this step can be made; primarily, we need to know if anybody actually wants to participate in a forum. It would be pointless for me to put in the work of setting this up only to have the thing flop and take space on the site, if we hate anything around here its dead-air and we don’t want that.

So here’s the deal, if you’re interested in participating with us in the forum please send an e-mail to garageraja@gmail.com with the simple heading “Deal me in!” you can add whatever you want to the body about the comic or whatever, but what’s most important is that I see that heading so I can keep count. If I can get atleast 10 participants, then we’ll be good to go. If not, then hey, some other time, I guess.

Otherwise, have a good night, it’s time for Breaking Bad.


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