Swamp Romp 5:17

Swamp Romp 5:17

If you happened to have found the website freaking out last night, just know that it was me rooting around fixing up some stuff on the site. See, I have the web prowess of a caveman, so there was atleast a handful of times that the site was nearly destroyed by my HTML know-how (or lack thereof). In the end, the website is ticking along just fine and everything looks sleeker than ever, so I’m not gonna complain about that too much.

And finally, this one goes out to Austin, my good writer, comrade, visionary, Rush enthusiast, etc. etc. who took off for Hong Kong this morning. He’s embarking on an adventure abroad, spreading only the most choice aspects of American culture and the English language. All the while also working on Album 3 of Garage Raja!

Have a blast, Austin!

P.S. I guess the song’s only half-fitting because you left in the morning, but whatev’s.


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