Mr. Fahrenheit Page 22

Mr. Fahrenheit Page 22

Austin’s Notes: Awwww, Ned looks so sad there! Originally, though, it was supposed to be Mr. Fahrenheit who was struck by sorrow (in the  first draft of the synopsis, anyway): Ned actually escaped the barroom brawl with Reginald and hid from Mr. Fahrenheit, who took the abandonment to heart. I was very keen on the idea of “manly tears” at the time; I was almost fervent in my desire to end this B-Side with Mr. Fahrenheit driving into the sunset, tears STREAMING down his face, incapable of understanding why anyone would just run away from him like that! The guy’s a big ole’ softy, if you couldn’t tell (a psychotic big ole’ softy).

I like panel four, flaws and all, if only because it’s got a sort of “Ren and Stimpy” feel to it all. Reginald’s leg movement in particular brings this association to mind.

Slipping into the self-critical for a second, but god, I used to be the worst dialogue writer ever, didn’t I?

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