Get Your Hands On It!

For regular readers, you’ve probably noticed by now that we’ve slowed down our update rate on Garage Raja to a page a week.  There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the major factors in this is that I’ve recently taken on a large project with Dark Horse Comics to color their 6-issue run of Plants Vs. Zombies: Lawnmegeddon! This comic, by the way, is FREE for download this weekend! It’s written by Paul Tobin (Author of Bandette and a hundred other things) and drawn/inked by Ron Chan (whose work is all over the place), both of whom are not just really great guys but extremely prolific and talented creators with whom I learned a great deal while interning for them at Periscope Studio.

This has been a major opportunity for me and I’m so excited to share this with all of you, the work poured into coloring this comic will return in full when we get to make Garage Raja a full color comic (yes, that’s going to happen) and with future episodes of Trailer Park Warlock. I feel incredibly excited and hopeful for my future, there’s a lot that terrifies me too, because who knows what’s around the corner, but I can say with some certainty that this is one major step for me as an artist, and I’m really glad to be where I am right now.  For those of you who have followed me and Austin from the beginning, thanks for your support, and your continued reading.  For those of you new to all of this, thank you for joining us, it’s only just beginning and I’m excited to see where it’s going to take us!


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