Web-comics Auction for The Gulf Coast

I’d imagine no matter where you live or whatever rock you may be hiding under, you’ve probably heard of the tragedy now destroying the Gulf Coast region as we speak. Since April 20, 2010 countless gallons of oil have been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and there appears to be no immediate resolution in sight.

As a resident of Louisiana, I’m deeply shocked and angered by the situation, but glad to find a group that is willing to participate in aiding the situation. That’s why I’m proud to announce my and Austin’s participation in the Web-comics Auction for the Gulf Coast. There we’ve banded together with other web-comics artists from all corners of the internet, big names to small names, offering a donation of our artistic talents for those seeking good art for a great cause. All proceeds from the Web-Comics Auction will be donated to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund, which is being managed by The Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Please take the time while you’re visiting our site today to make an extra visit over to Carly Monardo’s site (the one who’s managing the auction) and there you can find out more information on the auction itself. If you’re unable to make a bid in the auction, please take the time to spread the word on twitter,facebook, and whatever other venues of social networking you might be using: e-mail,church,school,wherever, just so long as you can get the word out.

While the spill itself is far beyond our hands to plug, we can do something to help better maintain the situation and atleast keep the spill from spreading outside of the Gulf of Mexico. No matter how small a contribution, your help is always appreciated and the Gulf region needs all the help it can get.


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  1. Harris says:


    An old article by David Byrne. I haven’t read the whole article yet, but I think I will soon. I came on this page by accident for I was just looking for stuff on Mac McCaughan of Superchunk. Byrne’s has an interview with him which can be found on page 3. I think it’s worth a listen.

  2. MJRainwater says:

    It’s quite a wonderful article, I’ve read it before. It’s certainly worth another read.


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