Track 6 Cover: The Great Snake Escape

Track 6 Cover: The Great Snake Escape

So starting Monday is Track 6! Today’s cover is something to tide you over.

In other news, me and Austin are both having a revival in anime interest, coincidentally or not, I’m not really sure. So what have we been watching? For my own money, I have to recommend Kaiba. It’s a short but entertaining series that features some unorthodox animation and an intriguing world built around a society whose economy is based on the preservation of memories. Both the style and the theme evoke a nostalgic look back to the manga work of Osamu Tezuka (a personal hero of mine) while still remaining fresh by going outside the normal parameters of visual storytelling. It’s one of the few stories out there that can balance an intriguing world with an intriguing cast without letting one or the other take over.

As for Austin, he’s gone through Gankutsuo and Baccano. The former through my recommendation and the latter he’s recommending to me. I can’t vouch for the last entry (yet), but I can definitely say that Gankutsuo and Kaiba speak well for anime in that they both are well outside the mold in terms of artistic exploration. However, I feel the need to stop myself at this point. Because I can’t celebrate the glorious without thinking about the dreadful and if I go any further, this post may just devolve into a grumpy-man rant on why I think most anime isn’t worth your time. I’m not going to do that tonight, and I probably shouldn’t ever do that.

But I might…



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