Mr. Fahrenheit Cover

Mr. Fahrenheit Cover

Today begins the B-Side for Album 2.

Of course with albums of the musical persuasion, the B-Sides are generally reserved for songs that were made as a means for exploration and experimentation. With Garage Raja, the B-Sides are reserved for story ideas that didn’t immediately make it, one-shot story ideas, or just things we’d never ever put in the story but still felt like messing around with that pertain to the cast and the world they live in.

“Mr. Fahrenheit” deals with a character whose time is yet to come, and when that time does come he’ll have a completely different name by then. This is a simple adventure, made before Album 2 had even been properly conceived, featuring Ned and a stranger who also possesses key!



Austin’s Notes: So, as you guys might have noticed (because of the subject matter of the cover or Matt’s post or the reversion to an earlier art-style), we’re taking a break from the main story to focus on these B-Sides. Since you might be sore at us for giving you what is the equivalent of “filler,” we’re going to try and make this special. So, each and every day, I’m going to be giving you some insight into the creative process behind this here story, a few notes and tidbits and interesting little behind-the-scenes nuggets.

First up: Mr. Fahrenheit was a last-minute name change. Initially, the story’s focus was Mr. Badguy, identical to Mr. Fahrenheit in all but name. For better or worse, Matt changed it during the thumbnailing stage. It was about that time that he added this track’s title, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Him Now,” though you wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t told you: that title doesn’t show up anywhere in these pages!

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