Mr. Fahrenheit Page 1

Mr. Fahrenheit Page 1

Hmm. Ain’t seen straight black and white on the site in a while, kinda refreshing. If anything I’ll say I kinda miss drawing backgrounds with that much character in them. I mean, yeah, it’s kinda overkill looking at them now with the eyes of an older and wiser Matthew J. Rainwater, but there’s something there that makes me think I need to re-discover the art of the background.

You’ll be hearing a little bit of this from me over the course of this B-Side, hope you don’t mind.

Meanwhile, below the fold here (if you haven’t seen it yet) is a write-up by Austin that’s worth checking out, as all things by Austin are. It’s got something to do with the recent break up of R.E.M.

Give it a read!


Austin’s Notes: See that poster in Panel 2, the one behind the garbage can? That’s the prototype for the Ministry of Taste’s logo. The organization’s been a constant in the Garage Raja universe since just about day 1 (outlasted only by Ned and Reginald, really). Needless to say, they’re an essential part of this universe that you’re only going to be seeing more of in the future. No matter what you think you might know about these cats, you’re wrong! Not to spoil anything, but this isn’t your cliche’ organization of evil bad-asses (common to so many comics).

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