How Logan Met Freddie

Regular readers of Garage Raja are well aware of our love for ascended rock deity Freddie Mercury (I need only remind you of Album 2’s B-Side),  but little did we know that the greatest performer the stage has known graced the comics page long before our interpretation of the legend.  Comics writer Jeff Parker had recently informed me of a mystery submission made to Marvel back in the 90’s that featured the X-men’s lone wolf hard-ass, Wolverine, and his unforeseen encounter with…


One cannot stare at this page without being overtaken by the same absurd enthusiasm that must have likewise come over the responsible mystery artist. Colleen Coover found herself similarly compelled and has made her own interpretation of this momentous event with a challenge to all artists moved by the spirit to do the same.

And thus the spirit also took me!

And so I pass the torch to you, dear reader!  For just as the Good Lord above, many are the faces of Freddie Mercury and many the stories to be told of his crossing with Marvel’s disgruntled superhero.


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