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SPX: Aftermath

Matthew J. Rainwater

“SPX is without a doubt, my first GOOD convention, others in the past have only disappointed in ways that some might call tragic.  Thanks to all of you who came by the table this weekend and said,”hi,”  grabbed some swag, and even bought some of the merch.  And thanks to all of you who even gave/traded some really awesome comics with me.  And an even bigger thanks to my comic artist comrade-in-arms, Matt Walters for being there and helping me out at the con.  Actually helping out is putting it lightly, he was a life-saver.  And then my Father was there, too!  So basically, I’m very thankful right now, it may have not been the watershed event all of us comic artists clamor for, but it was well worth the time.”

DWEX Aftermath

DWEX turned out to be a thoroughly eventful weekend full of treacherous backroads travel and seedy restaurants. The convention itself, though tiny in comparison to others I’ve been to, turned out to be highly successful, people turned out by the handfuls and maybe even pailfuls. For those of you who came by the table and said “hi,” I thank you greatly as always and for those of you who bought copies of Track 1, even greater appreciation.

Extra special thanks to Uncle Staple for being an awesome human being, and giving me yet another convention I want to attend next year.

And a super special high-five thanks to the gentleman who’s name I didn’t properly get that did this covert caricature of your’s truly.

Somebody elses caricature

I don’t know if the letters “AMEN” are connected to his name or if he was so struck by my manly visage that these were the only words he could eek out in ecstatic glee, but that’s the clue I have to his identity.