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The Next Step

Matthew J. Rainwater:

“Well it looks like me and Austin are finally able to speak our mind on this site what with the Ministry’s absence from the Garage Raja Transmission Protocol.  Some of you may know it as the internet, but there are parts of reality as we know it, that operate differently from the day to day world.  Anyhow, this is where we will be staging our soapbox from here on out, this is where you’ll be seeing the ongoing adventures of the Garage Rajas, and this whole thing is going to grow in the next couple of months, because we’re putting this thing into full gear, not just the current Garage Raja storyline, but other stuff as well, can’t say much right now, but you’ll find out soon enough!”

In Other News

Ned Van Seink

” I just found out that Rainwater and Price have some other comic book projects on the air waves, you can find their new and upcoming title for the Break Anthology at deviantart.  It kinda looks like something Ghurnst might read.”

A problem we’ve recently become aware of.

As posted in the archives.

“Warning: for users of Internet Explorer 8, you may happen upon some bugs that the Ministry of Taste left behind in the Transmission Protocol.  We’re working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  Until then, please be sure to use “compatibility mode” before diving into the archives.  By the way, if you happen to be code savy and can offer us some help to resolve this problem, we’d be forever in your debt and would be willing to do some free art in payment for your help!”

If you think you can help us out, please send us a message at: